There is the case of a family in our community who had three kids before the death of the wife.

The kids were before aged seven, five and three years at the death of their mom. The father of the kids had to marry another wife, to help him take care of them. As the kids grew older, the relationship between them and their step � mom grew worse.

This resulted in their father sending out two of the kids who are females, leaving the male kid to stay with them at home. The new wife has no child of her own.

Now, the male kid is seventeen years old, the relationship between the kid and the step mom has nearly divided the family into three, with each person on his or her own. The male child constantly quarrels and fights with his step mom.

Each time the father supports his wife, his kid will quarrel with him, or any time the man supports his son, the wife will quarrel and fight him. The family is now thrown into chaos.

As a result of this situation, the male kid is now seriously out of control. He no longer takes instruction from the father or the step-mom . This kid now constitutes a threat to the family .

This has equally affected his education , as he can now stay out of school for one month . During this period, the kid wonders about aimlessly and indulges in crime and other unacceptable behaviours . He is now out-of-control.

This development is adversely affecting the dad, who most of the time watches helplessly, since he is under threat, coupled with the fact that he is poor and lacks the fund to take him to reformatory school . The dad looks helpless and hopeless, since according to him, he is ready to die anytime as the world now offers him nothing to cheer about.

Please , share this with us and advice on a way out since you have been in this field for many years.

[On another note:]

Recently , in our community, a man offered to give relief to the women. At the gathering , the man grouped the women into two. One group was made up of widows while the other group comprised women whose husbands are living. The group of widows(30) was offered twenty bags of rice while the other group of women (55) was offered ten bags of rice.

One of the women whose husbands are alive , but extremely poor, and with no body to help was tempted to join the group of widows upon seeing the mode of distribution of relief but shame could not allow her.

When the said woman reached home, she narrated the story to her husband, who burst into anger and threatened to beat up the wife, saying: "why didn�t you join the group of widows? Of what use is this my life? Afterall, I am worse than a dead man since I can�t afford my daily meal , more of less of those of our kids". What is the difference between me and a dead man?"

These statements above reflect the position of most families in our communities as a result of extreme poverty. Our people are suffering . Most families in our communities can hardly feed themselves , not to talk of training their kids in schools . This situation accounts for the numerous out-of-control kids in our communities.

We cannot allow this condition to continue. Hence, our organization is prepared to partner with other organizations towards addressing this issue , through the empowerment of our people .

How can your organization assist us?

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