Thank you for the message on Tourettes. Shannon seems to have many of the symptoms and I am in the process of having her evaluated by a neurologist, but I think I told you this already. She has the tics and makes noises and seems a bit compulsive. Her dad also has Tourettes. I find it odd that they say it goes away in adults and teens, as it has just become more noticeable and uncontrollable with Shannon., beginning with a little head tic, the eyes rolling and other odd motions.

Another problem I am having with her, and this is a biggy for me, and I tried sending a message on the parent support line, but never received any reply, so I don't know if it went thru, or how it really works. Anyway, Shannon is 14, and I am about to self-destruct! I cannot have a simple conversation with my daughter without it becoming an argument, and when it does, she always says, well you always start it, and she really believes it. She is very disrespectful alone and in front of her friends.

We live with my mom because I had a car accident in 2001 and I had to sell my house (I am a single mom) …we moved her 2 yrs ago …I am getting a little better and can get around and do more with her, but the more I do, the more she is nastier. I have to say, she is spoiled, and it is my fault. When I was laid up with my back injury I just said yes, go ahead, because it was easier, when we were on our own, then to argue with her. So now I have this "Monster".

The other night when I told her it was time to come in at 8:00 (a school night with homework to do) …she came in screaming, I mean screaming at me because her friend couldn't come in, and spent 2 and 1/2 hours in her room crying and screaming and having a tantrum how mean I was, and that she needed to leave, she had to get out of this house, she hates living here, she wanted to go to her dads, anywhere, and it went on and on.

I did not give in, and I took here cell phone from her, but it happens a lot. What am I supposed to do? Please help me. Other than the disrespect she is generally a good girl, she 's not into drinking, and doesn't curse at me, or break curfew (but she doesn't have many friends either), she has a problem making friends and socializing with her peers as well.

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