What's That Smell?


Today I went into my son's bedroom and found a plastic bottle with a socket taped to it. It smells and looks as if he was using it to inhale marijuana or something. Also found a small dish with burned marijuana in it. I looked around and found what looked like a real hand gun but found that it's a BB gun.

I took them and hid them but how do I confront him over it?

He is very adept at telling me, mom, or others what they want to hear. This is very serious and I really don't know how to deal with it.


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Anonymous said...

If you suspect drugs are involved, contact your local police and talk with them about it. Most cops are very helpful and will confront the child about the drugs. This will get the child "in trouble", but may stop/prevent drug use and abuse. Might even lead to the arrest of a pusher. A good scare from a cop can be healthy!