Disrespectful and Mouthy

Our 18 year old has been disrespectful and mouthy. She seems to think its okay just to do whatever she pleases because she's 18 with no regard to her home life and family. After months of trying to get her to cooperate, my husband and I kicked her out. She, of course, went to live with her boyfriend, which she just started seeing again after a 2 month split. We do not condone this, but were at our wits end and just could not take it another minute.

Everything we tried went in one ear and out the other. She has barrowed money from me and I told her I would like at least 20.00 from each paycheck until the loan is paid off. Well 3 paychecks have come and gone with no money exchanged back and therefore, no more money given.

Join Online Parent Support (before she turns 30)

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