Don't Pull an "Alec"

Help!! My daughter is out of control! She's been hospitalized twice since October for depression. She's started to cut herself when she doesn't get her way. She's impossible to discipline without having her come back and threaten suicide. She excludes herself from the family and all family activities and then says we don't include her. She purposefully tries to anger her siblings as well as her father and me.

She doesn't get along with her father. Her father has been out of the house since January due to a protective order. The protective order was the result of her father making angry phone message, similar to the Alec Baldwin message. We have discussed her behaviour with several therapists when she was hospitalized, but none of them will acknowledge Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

How do we get someone to believe us? She has to get treatment before our whole family falls apart!

Listen to Alec Baldwin rant.

Don't pull an "Alec" ...get help here before you bust a blood vessel in your brain.

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