I am afraid he is going to end up in jail...

Dear Mr. Hutten,

I am interested in your book ‘My out-of-Control Teen’. Do you sell it in bookstores? I work with troubled teens in Gogebic County. I am also raising 3 kids myself. My oldest will be 13 this summer. I have had trouble with him since he was very young. He has seen counselors, psychiatrists, and everyone else I could think of.

I have purchased many other books to try and help our family. Plus, I have resources I use with the families and teens I see through my job. I love my job and have been successful with many of the kids. But, I am failing my own son. Unfortunately, I live in a very small area and resources are very limited. Currently, there aren't any counselors in this area. (Actually, I may be losing my job due to budget cut).

I love my son dearly. But, if he continues on this path, I am afraid he is going to end up in jail before he is 21. Is there any summer camps or residential facilities you would recommend? I can't afford much, but if there is something out there, I would find a way.

Please let me know.

Thank you,


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