I do feel utter relief...

Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for your follow up email. I have read your book at least twice (printed version), but I had to wait to return to work for the audios. I stumbled across your site the other week, and I have been reading quite a lot of the parents’ emails and your responses, and I was very impressed with your common sense attitude. I very rarely purchase anything over the Internet, but I truly felt you might be able to at least make Me feel better about my situation by reading all your points covered in your book - and YES I do feel utter relief.

I wasn't totally wrong over the years. But I feel less stressed over my decisions as you clarified points on parenting, some of which I had been using for a very long time -- but probably not in the right sequence. Well no one's perfect, and I didn't know about your method.

I know now I could have handled things a hell of a lot better than I did, and I have to deal with the outcome. At least I don't feel so alone, and I have to take comfort in that I tried my best.

Keep up the great work and you can count on me spreading the word.



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