I don't let emotions overtake me...

I'm still going thru a tough stage with my 13-yr. old son. He is so disrespectful, argumentative and stubborn. I'm following the advise on the e-book.

A week ago I slapped him when he was pointing his finger in my face. I was talking to him on a very low-toned voice about his behavior in school, at home and his grades. He ran away only to knock on the door after an hour demanding that we talk. I closed the door in his face after telling me I will not talk to him with that kind of behavior. On the third time he knocked he was crying and apologized for his actions. This gave me the opportunity to hand down the terms and conditions of his return to my house. I prepared a chart clearly stating his chores, expectations and repercussions. He agreed to all of it only to go back to his ways 4 days after.

Following your advise, I don't let emotions overtake me. I take care of myself. I remind him about the contract. Due to the low grades I've seen this week, his Nintendo Wii was disconnected and he cannot use the computer. I didn't see any reaction from him -- which is a good sign that it works. I gave him a chance to complete all missing school work this weekend. He will not play his sports as this is one privilege I've withdrawn.

I can see him starting an argument, but I turn my back just simply reiterating the contract or just be poker-faced. I don't know the next episode, but I'm preparing myself for it.



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