"Just Shoot Me!"


I've recently downloaded your ebook on out of control teens. While I agree with everything you say....I don't really have the energy to do it right now. And even if I distance myself against my son's attitude or behaviour and do my best not to react ...I can't find anywhere that deals with how the siblings fit into the picture. If he doesn't get a reaction from me, he'll turn on his younger sibs.

This morning I rec'd a report on teen suicide. My son, who is out of control and gaining momentum, keeps telling me to, " just shoot" him. This is usually after I've expressed how disappointed/angry/tired of/won't tolerate any more disrespect/etc., etc.. Am I supposed to consider this notice of impending suicide? We have just been thru' some counseling and the end result was that if my son doesn't want to change, there's not a whole lot anyone can do. And he isn't depressed either, supposedly.

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