This is the story of a family of Six (Father, mother and Kids). The family was living in one of the urban cities in Nigeria until about four years ago when the family was attacked and robbed by armed bandits. The family was left without anything for sustenance of life. Consequently, they were forced home, though the man had no house of his own.

At the country side, the family was offered a one-room apartment. Here, the couple lives with the four kids with a lot conditions of no-go-areas. The condition of the family could be described as anything but free. They are denied the basic freedoms of life, with frequent harassment of ejection at the slightest assumed provocation.

To worsen the matter, both the man and his wife are still jobless; as it is not easy to get a job in Nigeria. This situation has forced the four kids out of school. The health conditions of the kids are nothing to write-home about. The kids always quarrel with the man, since there is nobody to help them. The man is threatening to commit suicide if the pathetic and story state of the family continues.

Our organization is in sympathy with the family. We are reaching out to people and concerned organization with a view to helping the family own a small bungalow. However, I regret to say that our plan is being hampered due to financial handicap.
Please, the organization requires your assistance towards the realization of our objective of helping the family.


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