She is failing all of her classes...

I just wanted to say thank you, and I have just begun reading this. I have a 17 year old daughter who fits the Out of Control Teenager perfectly. And yes I do have some specific concerns and questions already.

I have addressed with her the fact that there will be changes. There was one point I am not quite sure how to deal with. She is failing all of her classes. I have met with her counselors and all of her teachers, and yes I was one of those parents who is too involved in her schoolwork and homework and have threatened her with everything if she fails her classes. She even does her homework sometimes, but never turns it in.

My question is "What kind of consequences should be imposed on a teenager who brings home failing grades?" I have already tried taking everything away, grounding, no friends, then she brings up the grade to get her things back, and then they go right back down again. Any other suggestions?

She is a well-behaved student in class …not so well behaved at home though. Her teachers tell me she is respectful and pleasant in school, but does not do her work. Now at home it is a different story. When she gets what she wants she is very nice, but when she doesn't "watch out". She transforms into a little monster.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Your book and on-line support have given me hope.

Thank you,


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