Thanks for giving me some hope.

Thank you very much Mark. As so many people have said before me, I thought I had tried everything! My 17-year-old son was kicked out of high school just over a year ago for intimidating a female teacher. I home-tutored him for 2 months to get him into college. Now the college have told me they want to kick him out, not for anything in particular, just irritating, subversive behaviour that is affecting the staff and other students. I have had an interview with the college and managed to persuade them to let him back if we can sort out his attitude problems over the summer. I managed to get him a place in one of those wilderness therapy camps. Now he’s saying he won’t go. He doesn’t want to “waste his summer”. I’m hoping your course will give me some help. I only downloaded your course yesterday so I am only up to “Your kid is energetic”. I’m trying to spend a bit more time with him at the moment.

Thanks for giving me some hope,


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