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We cannot tolerate it anymore...


My name is Mrs Thiaga and i have 4 children ranging from ages 17, 15, 11 & 7.

I am a Malaysian residing in Hong Kong with my husband and kids. I seem to be having a lot of problem with my son who is 15 years old. The other 3 are daughters.

He used to rebel when we were in Malaysia but since moving to HK in Jan 2007 we cannot seem to control him anymore. His grades are terrible and we don't even know whether the school will promote him next year. He does not do his homework and is on the Net from the time he comes back from school. School finishes at 3pm but he only comes back at at 8.30pm. He does not like us to question him. When we set boundaries, he verbally abuses us to the extent he has used swear words on us.

We cannot tolerate it anymore. He never speaks anything nice to us at all. Its always shouting at us and swearing at us. I really don't know what to do and we are at our wits end at him.

It is by chance that I came across your website and appreciate if you can help me.


Mrs Thiaga

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