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Bipolar + ODD

I am a stepmother of a 17 yr old son who has recently been diagnosed as BiPolar and ODD. Since the age of 2 we have been told of the outrageous behaviour & struggles that went on at his mothers. My husband & I on the other hand did not have the same difficulties until about age 7. Since then it has been a constant battle with mood swings, tantrums, defiance, mean & hurtful actions etc..

More recently after a year in a residential treatment facility for drug use and out of control behaviour he has decided to have absolutely no contact with his dad, myself or his young brother. He blames his father for every wrong, bad & unhappy event or moment in his life. He has decided that his mother, whom is almost exactly a mirror image of himself in all ways is his guardian angel.

Is there anything we can do or do we just hope he figures out that we do love him and we are not the evil people he believes we are now?

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