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Carolina Springs Boarding School

My son is almost 17 and he doesn't want any rules. He's hanging out with the wrong group of kids and not coming home by curfew. Now that school is almost out he thinks he can go out every night and stay out late. He has started cursing and slams doors and has punched the wall a few times. His grades have dropped from b's and c's in the 1st semester to a D and the rest e's in the last quarter. He has missed a lot of school (skipping class). I have contacted a school in S.C. (Carolina Springs) and he has been accepted. He will be a senior this year and wants to stay where he is, but I'm afraid he'll get into trouble if he stays here. Do you know anything about this school?


Yes ...We believe that Boarding Schools actually have some significant long-term benefits (unlike Boot Camps). CLICK HERE for a review of Boarding Schools, Christian Schools, Residential Treatment Centers, Boot Camps, and Wilderness Programs.

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