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I am now in tears...

Well the end of the school year came and went. My daughter failed two classes last semester. She told me that if I "backed off" she would do better and that she KNOWS what she needs to do. So about 1 month before the end of school I told her that I would back off and that she was VERY close to passing all her classes and that she could do it if she worked hard and handed everything in. Well report cards came and she got 3 more E's. So now I'm trying to come up with a plan for summer school AND summer rules, since she was thinking she was just going to have no worries this summer.

In the midst of me coming up with these "plans", she was out the 1st Friday night of the summer with her friends and ended up getting an MIP and an open intox tickets. She will now be heading to the Juvenile court this Wednesday to see what her consequences will be for this. I am about ready to lose my mind!

She wanted to have access to the computer last night so I came up with a plan to let her have access to the computer if she complied with some simple rules. These rules were being respectful to everyone in the house, no yelling or swearing, and to get off the computer when told. She began to fight these rules while I was giving them to her! Unbelievable! So I told her that she lost it last night and we will talk again tomorrow about how she may EARN the computer. She went ballistic on me, throwing a fit like a 5 year old. I did not give in.

Today is Monday and I am at work. Her father called and wants to come pick her up for the night and she is calling me screaming and yelling (swearing) at me, so I am not answering my phone. She left a message telling me this was not fair and to answer my "f…ing phone" then says "F…you …you Bitch". I am now in tears and don't know what to do...things are just piling up………I can't take it.

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