They said it could be a 15- year felony...

Things have escalated big time. M___ went out yesterday night to retrieve a cell phone charger from a friend and ended up with a different friend. They met up at a fast food restaurant to fight some older boy, possibly his ex-g'friend's new boyfriend. They broke up, went and got more friends and regrouped at another location. There were about 10-15 boys in each group. A huge fight broke out, the boy is currently in the hospital, and we understand a baseball bat was possibly involved (it was there …don't know if used--this is conflicting). The ex'es mom phoned me last night to tell me about the fight. (The girl was present.) She said charges may be filed and she may get a PPO against my son.

The police showed up at 2:30am to get his side of the story. They said it could be a 15- year felony. They are not sure if charges will be filed--up to the detectives on day shift. Also, sheriff's dept. may also be involved as the fights happened in 2 locations, and they may file charges as well.

He obviously broke ALL the rules. Was not where he said, had other kids in the car, got in a fight, and was home late. We ourselves are to leave on vacation in the morning for a week and then he is to leave on June 28 for a month at a wrestling camp. He is totally grounded at this time. Dad has said all along he has too much freedom, and at this point he is right. The consequences we have been giving don't seem to be working. He goes right back to the same behavior. I am at my wits end. I can't do this anymore. He may end up in jail or juvenile detention, and at this point it may be the best thing. I am very nervous that we (parents) will be sued over this.

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