He talks about his father like he is dirt...

I need help: My fiancé has a 16-year-old son. Who is very disrespectful and somewhat violent. He lived with his father for the past 3 years and has been very unhappy since day one of being pulled from his mom. His mom lives in another state. This year he went back to live with his mom and the school year has been a joke, his behavior is horrible and in school suspension is the norm. He is rude disrespectful and talks about his father like he is dirt. His father said he is going to make him come back to live with him this school year.

The son is telling anyone that will listen that he will run away if his father forces him to live with him again. He does not want to live with his father. I am worried because this child always talks about not liking his father and wishing he was not living. He is truly out of control and I don't know how to help his dad. I think that his son can become violent, I have seen him have several outburst, cursing and saying very disturbing things. He said his father messed up the last 3 years of his life because he took him away from his mom.

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