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I'm at the end of my rope...

I am looking for help with my two teenage boys, who have recently been diagnosed with ODD. I am a single mother, out of an alcoholic marriage for 2 ½ years. My children behave a lot like my ex, and I am now coming to the understanding that it was not only the alcoholic environment that has caused the turmoil in my home, but also a pre-disposition to this condition, handed to my boys by family genes.

I feel at a loss to control their behavior, they have not respect or concern for my expectations, and I believe I am going to have to quite school this summer to supervise them...which will keep us in the poverty we are currently experiencing. I feel somewhat hopeless about getting and keeping a job, due to the extreme needs of my children. One missed 6 months of school (refused to go) and the other has been suspended so many times I have lost count.

I am desperate for any advice on how to parent these children, I am not abusive, and they are not afraid of any consequences I might impose. Their main pleasure in life is playing an online game called Runscape, and most of the terrible arguments and fights are about the computer, getting off when their turn is up, and sometimes even things that are happening in the game itself.

I feel like I am often "at the end of my rope"...and am getting very little joy out of being a mom right now.

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Witz End said...

I understand what you are going through. My 12 year old daughter has been in counseling since age 7,and started taking meds around 9. I too have been run ragged to where I wish I could just take the day off from life. What makes this so hard for me, is that her father (my ex) can not seem to get on the same page as me. Does not believe there is anything wrong with her pshycologically I totally believe it's genetic because I see much of the same behaviours with him, which by the way was the demise of our marriage. I have had to call the police here on several occasions (on the advice of her therapist) because she agresses so far so quickly, that she starts damaging our home and out of control. These outburst can last as long as 5 hours and they are very draining on all. I too keep trodding away hoping something might work so that she grows up to be a healthy adult. For the time being, I relish in as many good times as I can get.