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It is only a matter of time...

I have a 13 year old daughter who has been a challenge since birth. Her anger and aggression have always been and issue. Her seventh grade year was very very difficult. She is disrespectful to me and her step father. She is verbally abusive to her 11 year old sister. To make matters worse, she has not seen her father since January. I found out March that he is under house arrest for one year for dui and has lost he license for 10 years. Help!

She is hanging out with the wrong crowd. How can I encourage her to find new friends? She has not gotten into any real trouble, but I really believe it is only a matter of time.

My husband and I have discussed the possibility that she has ODD. I believe that she has mild ADD and had a least one teacher in elementary school say that she thought so as well. When I tried to discuss this with her father he accused me of wanting to medicate her because I couldn't control her.

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