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She Hates Me

My daughter lost her dad 4yrs ago and has always hated me since she has got to the stage of steeling from my purse of which I have caught her twice …she won't help …she resents her brother …and when I confront her she goes into a raging temper and smashes her bedroom up and sometimes things in the house …my things.

i have tried to get help from the doctors and school but i just get letters saying she's on a waiting list. She has been through a lot as i was in hospital for 6 month and now i am disabled. She then had to under go an operation, so i would imagine she hates the world.

We do have times where we say sorry and i feel we have had a break through, but till the next time, she has smashed hoovers and stuff and has broken her brother's keyboard through frustration.

She used to go to her dad’s parents, but refuses to go because there are nothing but pictures of her dad and she say's no-one will stop going on about him and that she wants to block him out - i'm totally lost …i don't know how to help her …i can't imagine how she feels cos I still have both my parents …i just want to help her now so she can see
life is'nt all bad.

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