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Things are totally out of control.

Things are totally out of control.

My eldest son has made a few text message contacts for money. Has as yet not made any attempts to change his negative life style. Although he says he loves me and his brother and that we will be a family without his father soon. Don't know when he expects this to occur.

My husband walked out on me and my youngest son end of February. Said he has no love towards the relationship and has made no attempts to contact his younger son (14) in the near five months he has deserted us. He has totally exited the relationship and family in a very cruel way. Left without telling me, withdrawing money over an undisclosed period of time. Opened his own bank account on his younger son’s birthday in February just before leaving us all. This is all too familiar with his family history. His father had affairs in his early forties, but stayed with his wife. My husband’s uncle had affairs and left his wife and two young daughters in his early 40's along-side my husband’s grandfather who did the same leaving his wife and two son's and daughter. All of which have had affairs more than one marriage at the expense of their loving and devoted families. I should have seen the sign and not take up with my husband.

Our family is now in a mess emotionally and financially and my younger son is not coping with all this as I am not. A family destroyed by a lack of or more like a total disregard to keep our family together and support each other by my estranged husband.

I don't know what to do anymore.

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