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Anger Problem

I am writing to you for some advice on teen anger. I live with my boyfriend. He has an 11 year old son who has pretty bad anger at times. For example when he's angry he uses foul language, has little to no respect for adults, every time his dad says that he's grounded or takes couple things out of his room for a while, the boy says that he doesn't care cause he gets grounded all the time and he doesn't have to apologize for what he says.

At times he gets so angry that he talked about killing himself and/or stabbing his dad and me, or he says things like he wants to kill himself. He is seeing a psychologist but it seems that he is not doing much for him. These episodes are happening a lot, like few times a week. He also blames other people for anything that doesn't go his way, he twists words around and says sometimes that someone said certain things when they didn't, he says that everyone is a liar when he sometimes doesn't get what he wants. Personally! I somehow see that he wants to be in control of everybody's life, especially his dads. How do you help this troubled teen? It seems like he needs more than psychologist.

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