Daughter Problems

Our daughter lies, steels, uses alcohol and drugs, skipped school and then stopped going, destroyed property or ran away in reaction to any limits reinforced, had a brush with the law over stealing and assault. refuses to follow rules, stays out at night without permission and hangs with kids on the streets.

She has been raped. This year we have her in boarding school. The school is threatening to kick her out. We will always love her but can’t have her home again. She has control and knows it. Each term break we try to start afresh which goes well for the first few days and then the language, bullying and hanging on the streets takes over.

We have sought professional help and she is on ADHD medication. On this, medication her grades have improved and with being in boarding school she is getting to school. Two major positives. My regret is we didn’t do it sooner when she first started to change. The professional advice has been you have done all that can be done, let her go.

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Anonymous said...

Please don't let her go until she has tried DBT - dialectical behavior therapy. Our daughter was one step away from a residential treatment center due to the same behaviors your daughter exhibits plus self harm and many 3 suicide attempts. She now attends dbt therapy 3 hours per week and attends a small private school with only 11 students. It's been difficult with many setbacks but after 9 months of hell, we are seeing huge improvements in her coping skills. A boyfriend breakup used to send her spiralling into self harm and suicide, now she is sad for a few days and moves on. I recommend dbt very highly. I hope that you can find it for her in your area or near her boarding school.