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I am so unbelievably drained...

My 16 year old daughter is making me crazy. Since she was 14 she has lied, stolen, destroyed property, been expelled from school, done drugs and alcohol. She lived with her Dad for 8 months, then spent 5 months in a strict Christian facility for troubled teens (which kicked her out in January). Since she has been back with me she has continued to disrespect myself and her stepfather, as well as all the other things listed above.

I had her arrested in May for smashing mirrors and furniture in my home and for shoving me. 5 days county jail did nothing to change her. She spent another 5 days in jail in June for punching me in the face and pushing me to the floor.

She left home 3 days ago and is staying with friend because she "can't take this house". (My husband had tried to send her to her room when he found out she was stealing money from his briefcase.) She refused to go to her room and walked out. The police can't bring her home because of her age, and the judge we have gone before for her 2 charges (which have yet to be resolved) refuses to release the psychiatric report from her first jail stay. I was forced to hire an attorney to defend her for the charges of hitting ME, yet the judge won't even release the psych report to her attorney for her defense! There is nothing I can do.

Over the last 2 years, I have sought family counseling, probation diversion, anger management, and even residential treatment for my daughter at the cost of many thousands of dollars. I have been a member for almost a year and their advice and support has been invaluable.

I am so unbelievably drained from all the drama with my daughter. Her twin sister has suffered from being in the background because of the chaos of my home. I am legally and financially responsible for this child but I can't make her come home and I can't find out what a psychiatrist recommends as far as treatment.

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