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I just don't know what else to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a mom of three, two boys and a girl. My oldest is 15 That's B___ Oct of 1991, C___ June of 1993, A___ April of 1996.

My son B___ thinks SORRY fixes everything. His dad and I are divorced since 1998 I remarried 2001 and my new husband is more than good to all my kids. Its just that B___ will NOT MIND. For instance My kids go to there dads for 8 weeks in the summer. There dad lives in Ohio. So his dad and I made it so I would get the kids back so B___ could play football well I got them back on Sunday Aug 5th came home the morning of aug 6th 2007 he had football 3-8:30 pm on that day.(( My Mom had a Drs.Appointment that I was gona take her to see if she had to have sugary or not. She lives in Ohio))Her app. was on Aug 7th 2007. But I came home because B___ said he wanted to play football. Well my grandson is 16 he was gona play football as well, well the two boys went to football and my grandson couldn't play because of his grades. B___ calls me and tells me this I told him to stay there I would pick him up later. Well He comes home and tells me he wasn't playing football. I take him back the next day he wont get out of the car. I missed my moms app.because of B___ wanted to play football. Now he don't want to play and I missed my moms app. and he don't care. He thinks his way or no way. He thinks money grows on trees.

I need help with him. I don't know what else to do. He has gone to hit me before he has it my husband before and his dad. I just don't know what else to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in Michigan and its 3.5 hours to the kids dads house and I take them there every other weekend. B___ has punched the wall and put a hole in it. He doesn't like the word NO. Please help me with him. I don't want the other two seeing this and thinking its ok. Then they will start doing it to me. HE gets mad at me then he wants to go live with his dad. He gets mad at his dad he wants to come back home.

My 15 yr old Son has all of these:

lose his temper

argue with adults

refuse to comply with rules and requests

deliberately annoy people

blame others for his mistakes and misbehavior?

My son has these as well:

touchy and easily annoyed by others

angry and resentful

spiteful and vindictive

Lied to me all the time

Destroyed property

Refused to follow any rules

Hanging with the wrong crowed


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