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My daughter became pregnant at age 15...

I have searched the web for any related articles on how to cope with being the parent of a teenager who is now a mother. We have always been close and I am a single mother (and now grandmother to a wonderful 2 year old girl). My daughter became pregnant at age 15 and there are many details surrounding that which I won’t go into at this time. I remained supportive, loving and positive for her throughout. We have had many disagreements through the years and some of them volatile but never abusive or lasting. She moved in with her boyfriend at a young age since they shared a child and she moved back in with me 8 months ago because they finally ended the bad relationship. I have bent over backward to help her throughout these past 8 months and she will do great for awhile and then go off the deep end. She will be loving and hard-working one minute and then complain about my help and be combative the next. I continue to struggle and need to know if there is any reading material out there some where for us single mothers who are parenting teenage single mothers. This is not a unique situation in this day and time.

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