I have an out of control stepson...

I have an out of control stepson 16 that has lived w/two girls and he finally came home to go back to school. He is considered a 9th grader again and my husband does not recognize that his son has a problem. He loves to go out and stay out and drink & smoke. He has been doing this going on 2yrs now. What can be done?? Is it to late?? He has been in trouble with MIC and curfew violations already and has not learned from that experience. My husband says boy will be boys. He does not respect us or our home. He has stolen, lied, stayed out all night or wake us up @ 5 or 6am to come into the house and has stolen prescription pain pills from us and my husband still does not believe it. We finally put a deadbolt on our bedroom door to keep him out. I have a daughter (older from a previous marriage) and she did not do any of these things.

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