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my 16 yr old son has extreme adhd, odd.he smokes mirijuana daily and drinks alcohol frequently.extremely aggressive and violent, having attacked my 2 teenage sons, husband and myself (broken foot). he has caused several thousands of dollars of damage to our property, also steals, dealings with police etc.we now live in fear of him every day as he goes psycho at the smallest decision he isn't happy with. he no longer attends school and can't find a job.i have kicked him out a few times but comes back with total diisregard to us. i cannot send him anywhere as he is only 16. things are v serious here.

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I have a niece (19) has not been seen by a doctor but has all the ODD signs since 3. She is getting worse and my in-laws (late 60's) don't know what to do. She has cross gender issues (whats to be a man), she is very small and frail so her violent tedendancys don't work. But my in-laws think that once she has a sex change (top only) that she will be happy. Can you help me with cross gender combine w/ODD?
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