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Everything i have read fits...

I am the mother of a 7 year old girl. She has ADHD, not medicating at this time. Since she has started school at the age of 4 has been very hard. In 1st grade she did very well. 2nd grade was different story, she was removed from one school after only one month, after destroying the classroom (throwing chairs, ripping papers off the walls, where the other children had to be taken out so they would not get hurt). she was suspended for a week then moved to another school. There she had good days n bad. now that she is in second grade days have gotten worse. they send home a control chart (red lights-bad day, yellow-for ok, n green for doing a great job) lately its been bad. calls home from the teacher, red lights for hitting, swearing, taking off her shoes and socks and throwing them, running out off the classroom. everything i have read fits this. am i right or wrong? Im just looking for more information and insight.

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