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How can I handle my teenage daughter...

I need to know how I can handle my teenage daughter (14 years) who seems very manipulative and has created a situation where my wife and I are constantly arguing, very specially on issues relating to my daughters Time management which is bad and her frequent attitude problems and mood swings, and impulsive behaviour, She also is very Lazy and reluctant to get up on Time to go to school, I also have observed that Constantly, she has a habit to get late on purpose and is extremely rude when corrected, specially when spoken to kindly.

She is an only Child, My wife through fear of losing her gives in to Her, Often, it seems My daughter is getting extremely mixed signals and also seems to be confused, even still, she knows how to manipulate one parent against the other to get what she wants.

She is extremely Gifted in Sport, Music but does not Want to practice and train to develop her skills further, does not like to be reminded that she needs to practice, She is not consistent in her school work too, She has a habit of postponing responsibilities so that she could have her time at watching TV and playing around with the computer and spending Hours on the phone chatting with friends, but will not complete or do her chore after that and often does nothing at all but go t sleep well after midnight.

I guess the problem lies in the Parents in this case due to the lack of not agreeing on disciplinary Issues, What on earth can I do, My suggestion to my wife is that we need councelling and that I felt that she is overprotecting our daughter but She refuses suggesting that it is I that needs Councelling and not her and the daughter.

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