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I have been in total depression...


For the past five weeks I have been in total depression that not even a counsellor can seem to improve, searching for help, I came across your website, but I need to know whether it's too late. My 17 year old son David has moved out of home and is with the wrong crowd, and I fear destroying his life. I need to get him back and I don't know how. Will your program help me with this. David has, up until 12 months ago been a great kid and never let us down. But something has changed that I can't seem to fix. I am in touch with him and he keeps me updated on his life, he hasn't shut us out totally. David comes from a loving family where he has had love and support all his life. He is not prepared about the hardships of life out on his own. If anything we have sheltered him too much. If you can please reply urgently so that I can start using this program ASAP. I am desperate and feel that you are my last resort. The longer he stays away from his family the harder it will be to get him back.

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