HFA, ODD, ADHD kid is almost out of control...

My grandson who is now 13 was diagnosed with high functioning Asperger’s, ODD & ADHD when he was young. His paediatrician initially diagnosed Ritalin for the ADHA & eventually Risperdal for the HFA. He is now only taking Risperdal.

His behaviour at this point of his life is almost out of control & both his mother & I are extremely worried about him as he is becoming very angry. He slams doors, uses abusive language to the adults in his life just to mention a few of his behavioural problems. The school he attends is very understanding & they have set out a program for him to allow him to reach his full potential with the least amount of stress for him. So the biggest problem now is at home. We have been advised HFA children hold it together as much as possible at school but the melt down happens at home where they can relax.

But he really exhibits not only the HFA but ODD; the behaviour with a combination of the two conditions is shocking.

His mother, who is a single mum, is at the point where she is now unable to cope & I am very concerned for both of them.

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