William had trouble fitting into school...

To Mr Hutten,

I found your web-site by googling "Teenage Happiness" and am interested in the issues you address. I have a degree myself in psychology with work backgrounds in finance and civilian police work. This hasn't appeared all that helpful with my own soon-to-be 15 yr old son!

A brief background on our son William. Right from early childhood, William has been academically advanced for his age-after several trials, he seems to be in the right academic program now-first year high school in the gifted program. Never had to work very hard for marks, still has an issue with developing study habits and doing extra homework. Excels at almost every subject, has won awards in science and public speaking, at grade 5 had the language skills of a university student. Does very well at any sport he tries but has no "staying power".

William has a good group of friends, and loving family. He is well liked by adults and young children.Has no problem with relating to girls of his age either.He absolutely loves nature-hiking, camping out, sailing.

Quick Problem History: William had trouble fitting into school situations since grade 5. Appears smoother now. Found his move from Montreal to Mississauga at age 10 quite traumatic. Yearns for "those years of childhood". Had problems with bullies in younger years- not now. Had a terrible problem with his homeroom teacher in grade 8 (at a private school) and spent the year defending himself and his classmates at the cost of marks and exclusion on social events. School administration did nothing constructive about it, even though there were many complaints from many parents.

Current Problems: Past November, William tried pot with his neighbourhood friends. Our main concern here is that he "really" liked it. We see a problem with addiction to it-when William likes something, he is into it 100%. Almost like he pursues academic interests. And he hasn't tried drugs on the spur of the moment. He actually researches everything beforehand. Then in early January, he tried DXM, the cough syrup because he wanted to "explore a halluncination". This is when he told us he would like to try many things-once....Two weeks ago, he says he accidentally took too many tylenol for a headache-was hospitalized for 3 days. Both the attending doctore and psychologist didn't think William was suicidal. William is also interested in a girl who lives in an abusive family situation which plays on his emotions.

Since then, there's been no drugs. He started attending a teen church group with some close friends-twice a week. We have at least a 3 month wait for counselling provided by Rapport, in Mississauga, Ontario. Yesterday William told me that we worry about him too much and that's why he doesn't want to talk about things as much. He feels he can never be a happy person. And this is what I put out in front of you. If you think your program can help, and whatever advice you can give, I would be so grateful.


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