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Breaking property and hitting the grandparent/adoptive mother...

Will your system help if the problem has become physical nearly every time the word "no" is used? Breaking property and hitting the grandparent/adoptive mother ? We have a counselor and therapist and it was under control - somewhat- for several years until my son, her biological father, came a year ago for help with his drug problem. He was clean 7 months but then started back on cocaine and heroin and I had to call 9-1-1. She blames me because she was picked up and foster-placed for a month when the officers came until the system realized who and what caused the real problem and she was returned. Now none of them seem to be able to do anything and she has broken through doors when I lock myself in my room; destroyed things; kicks and throws stuff at my car (that I have 5 more years to pay for); and has thrown a chair and other objects at me. I have an office at home but have outside appointments. I am 62 with 4 medical conditions severe enough I cannot get insurance anymore. I am familiar with the Baker Act and mental health crisis center and both only work for a few days (although I have never Baker-Acted her.) She is only 10 but is very strong- 90 pounds, and until last year, when not in a rage, was very loving.

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