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From: Frustrated/Confused/Exhausted Mom

I am struggling constantly with my son to get him motivated to attend school and do school work. He is failing everything and pretty much stopped going to school a little over a year ago. He also has a new circle of friends that I do not know and he seems dead set against letting me do so. I am also concerned that he may be getting involved with drugs...not sure. It seems the more I get involved with his school about is excessive absenteeism and I involve family, friends etc., the more he rebels and resents me. He says I am always accusing him unjustly, yet he lies about going to school and he seems very secretive when talking to his "new friends" on his cell phone, etc. If I try to discipline him by taking his cell phone away, or trying to ground him he curses at me, tells me he hates me, gives me the "finger" and slams the door to his bedroom in my face. Also has stated he "hates" his life. I don't see an end to this and I fear for his future. I don't know what approach to take.

Frustrated/Confused/Exhausted Mom

My Out-of-Control Teen

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