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He is out of control...

hi ...we were wondering if your program might be able to help us ...we are getting desperate ...we have a 13yr old A.D.H.D stepson who as lived with us since the age of 4 ...he is out of control throws things smashes things foul mouths everyone and constantly runs away. he has no respect for anyone in authority or rules of any kind ...the problem is his biological mother has come back on the scene after 8 years ...not physically but though phone contact ...she and her mother have told him that now he is 13 he can make his own choices of where he wants to be. so he is constantly running away to his nanna where he gets to do what he wants and have what he wants's like his reward for his bad behaviour of running away ...she tells him its not safe to run away but on the other hand she opens the door to him and gives him what he wants so we feel where in a no win situation ...what do we do? its breaking our hearts him to death but don't know what to do. hope you can help ...thanks toni and randall ...loving parents of josh

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