He says he doesn't care...

My name is Marie and 14yrs ago tomorrow my partner Bill was tragically killed in a climbing accident, when i was 8 weeks pregnant. So, for the past 13yrs i have being a single parent to our son Liam. Liam is (had being) a very social, funny, deep, sensitive and caring boy, whom i love very much. he started what we call secondary school (high school) in September and since October he has become someone i dont know and this saddens both of us very much.

when liam is not allowed to do the things he wants, ie to hang out on the street corner with his "friends" for hours, when he is not allowed to travel into town to hang out in the snooker hall. basically he wants to hang out with his older friends and im not too happy with that.

two weeks ago he forged a note to get out of school so he could walk about 2miles to another school and have a fight with another guy(because this guy wrote some nasty things about me on his bebo)he was suspended from school for this and i grounded him, so on his first taste of freedom he lied about attending the local youth club/activities club and stayed out on the streets with older friends until i found him and drove him home. since then(2wks ago) he now uses his fists on me when he doesnt get his way. for example, i had a game of basketball tonight and i gave him two options(which i usually do) either come with me to the game or i would allow him to attend the youth club but i would drive him there and collect him outside afterwards( in the past he would have walked there and back as it is only about 400yards from our house in a small village) he declined both and said he was staying home alone which i wouldnt allow, no way would he come with me, he hit me several times called me all sorts of abusive names and threw things at me (which is constant regular reation) it made liam very happy to see i was unable to go to the game. its a power struggle a control battle and this is causing huge heartache in our once happy peaceful and respectful home and i dont know how or what to do.

i have spoken to him for hours on end, other people have done the same (men who are friends/relatives of the family)but to no avail, he says he doesnt care and will continue to make my life as hard as he possibly can.

i know it is very hard to totally understand what is going on with two complete strangers in just one email but i am desperate, i want us to enjoy each others company and respect each other and yes to have some disagreements.

My Out-of-Control Child

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