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He seems content to play music and read and wait for the weekend...


I am sure you are busy but I happened on to your website and have read about your program. Our son has suffered with depression and anxiety for a long time. He went to college after high school and got overwhelmed and started smoking pot. He is home this semester and has stopped smoking pot and is attending MA and is being monitored by a psychiatrist and therapist. We have tried to give him encouragement and limits. Once a week he can use our car for a date (has a girlfriend) or to see friends. But he asks for the car other times and gets mad when we say no. He seems to have trouble with limits. We told him when he finds a job he may be able to use the car twice a week. He makes small attempts to look for work but seems content to play music and read and wait for the weekend.

Do you think your program would have advice and techniques for building trust and a better relationship with him?


Frustrated parents in L.A.


Absolutely! Click Here to get help.

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