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I have a 16 year old boy who, up until 8 months was the perfect child. He attended private grammar school, very polite and well spoken.

During the last 8 months he has taken a downward spiral, he has become out of control and managed to get himself excluded from school where he has been since he was a little boy. His GCSE Exams are in a couple of months time and the school has given him the chance to take them at that school providing he studies at home with the help and support of the school.

Thing is I suspected that he was taking cannabis and we have had battle after battle about the friends he keeps and I have tried everything to help him to get out this mess and he promises he will do this , that and the other and then he goes straight out and does the same thing again.

The problem is, he has become more unruly than ever and I am worried that he will not be ready to take his exams, also I fear about what will he be taking next.

This evening he has asked me for my help, he tells me he is hooked on something called skunk and wants to get out of it. He has even given me the name of the supplier and phone number.

HOW DO I HELP HIM? He tells me he wants to stop but also informs me that tomorrow he may be so desperate to go out to get it that he cant keep his promise. Please help!


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