I clearly wasn’t being effective as a parent...

Thank you so much for your thoughts. As it turns out, each day seems to get a little more bearable for me. At her dad’s (which is also Gramma and Grampa’s), she has a clean room (because her Gramma cleans it which I know isn’t great but still … it’s like living in a 5-star hotel, and that does everybody some good on a temporary basis), she gets a homemade school lunch everyday (she won’t reject it from her Gramma, but she did with me … because I’m “mom”, which is enough of a reason), she is surrounded by people still totally loving towards her with no bias yet (unlike me!), she is getting more attention from her dad, because he is driving her to school which she never had from him before and he hasn’t been exactly an “in the picture” kind of dad for years … so, it’s all good so far. Thank you again … I gave Kim’s dad (my ex-husband) your book and said, “You’ve GOT to read this – it will help you and me so much, and especially read the part about dads to their daughters on page 35 (?)”. Anyways, I am holding on by prayer, and faith in God and your book’s guidance – I had to change it up, because I clearly wasn’t being effective as a parent. Thank you so much again.



My Out-of-Control Teen eBook

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