I highly resent this being dumped in MY LAP...

Hi Mark:

Have you every had a situation where the parents of out of controls kids were divorced or separated and the judge MADE THEM SHARE the load so that one parent was not bombarded and stuck with the bad behavior?? I highly resent this being dumped in MY LAP as it all escalated after Gregg left.

Gregg keeps telling me not to bother him. There is no legal separation in Florida so there is no custody or temporary custody thing going on. No one has filed either.

They BOTH would appreciate me more if Bart was with Gregg for a while.

Any ideas?? Thanks!



I would encourage you to work on your resentment level first (for you - not for Gregg or Bart). That seems to be the larger issue here. Forgiveness will be the key to dumping resentment.

Begin to develop the "Art of Letting Go" ...putting those things you cannot control in God's hands. Focus on taking care of you. Put yourself first now.

Healthy emotional detachment (i.e., an ability to see Gregg and Bart for who they are without needing to fix them or change them) will result from forgiving and letting go.

Here's some helpful tips on forgiveness.


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