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My 9 year old son...

Hello Sir, i found your advertisement on my myspace page. Your techniques sound wonderful. My 9 year old son is going down a horrible road in life, mostly with the decisions he makes. he's in trouble quite often. He demonstrates disregard for everyone and everything in his life. I am very scared for his future at this point. I walk to work and have no medical insurance. i definitely live paycheck to paycheck. I want so badly to do everything in my power to help him. I know how draining it is for me to deal with his issues but i can only imagine what he goes through. It makes me sad that the choices that he is making are reducing his quality of life so much at such a young age. i do not have the money to join your program sir. I was wondering if you knew of any other online help that may be free? I really need help. I do my best to remain positive and will always be proactive about helping my child. I greatly appreciate any direction you may know about. thank you so much for reading this email. God bless.......Sincerely, Ammie Ward


* Ammie received the program at no cost.

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