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My Out-of-Control Child

I was searching the internet trying to find help for my 32 year daughter who has 3 wonderful boys, ages 8, 6, 4. The problem lies mostly with the 6 year old. He has some symptoms of ODD.

It is mostly with her. He goes to school, no problems. Stays with me for hours at a problem, but when his mom comes in most of the time he starts acting out. At home, he hits, talks back, shows anger toward her and calls her bad names and says things like I HATE YOU! YOU'r STUPID....the list goes on and on.
She talks to me a lot about it and feels like she is at her wits end. She doesn't have this problem with the other 2 boys. They do act out sometimes but most children do. She is a stay at home mother. Her husband works a lot of hours.

This child is the sweetest, intelligent, and seems to me like he is well rounded until he gets tired. There is a lot of love in the home but my daughter really is starting to think that she is a bad mother and that she is failing him. Honestly, the teachers say he is angelic, he is angelic at my house and with others but shows out so..oooooo bad when she comes to pick him up. Everything has to be his idea. Can this book help her? Please email me at I am emailing you from my office right now.

I would like to order the ebook and send it to her email if possible.

My Out-of-Control Child

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