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Too Late?

Your site grabbed my interest, but I am not so sure it isn't too late for my daughter. She is almost 20, was diagnosed with ADHD late - when she was in 5th grade and the only change I have seen since the diagnosis, is that I now have a name for her behavior, other than that she is a bad kid as some of her teachers told me. She has been fired from job after job because she cannot get herself to work on time. We have battled and talked about it, but she just doesn't seem to get the concept of how long getting ready, traffic, etc. takes. She is remorseful to begin with, but then she decides it is someone else's fault. The reason I am not sure your book will help is because she feels she is an adult and does not have to listen to me, even though she lives in my house. She wants to go to cosmetology school now, but does not qualify for enough in student loans without a co-signer. She is not willing to look at any other school than the one she picked out (the most expensive one) and seems to think she can bully me into co-signing for her, which I cannot and will not do.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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