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He is very disrespectful...

My name is Patty and I have been reading the information on your website about out of control teens. This is the second time I read it and well it's sounds promising. But let me tell you a bit of my situation with my son.

His name is Carlos and he just turned 13 today...He is very disrespectful in the sense that he does not do what he is told, he lies, about everything even when I catch him in his lies he still lies! We live with my fiance there are 5 of us; my two older boys including Carlos and my middle child Alex are not my fiance's sons just the little one we have together. Anyhow, Louis (fiance) talks to him about his attitude,tries to make him understand that he needs to change his behavior and attitude. He has been so patient with Carlos but my son is getting worse. He is defiant, liar, he mistreats Alex verbally and physically all the time. He has gone as far as acuse me of abusing him physically.

I was under investigation with children services. I was drug tested both of us...It has just been overwhelming. They didn't find anything kind of abuse here at our home so the case was closed. The social worker found out that it was all Carlos doing this. I am sorry my e-mail is so long but I am at that point. He is always telling me he doesn't want to live here because we are too strict especially when it comes to his education.he wants to run around free like most teens nowadays and I have told him that's not happening. He is rebellious and always finds a way to do whatever he pleases. Talks back to us. Plain and simple has no kind of respect for authority and thinks he knows everything.

Can you seriously recommend that your ebook will help me straighten out my son, frankly I don't know what to do. I don't want my son to grow up a loser, jailbird, or even dead..I am home motivating him to keep learning in school it's important for his future as well as be a decent person and learn respect so that he will be respected and not be looked down to...

Mr. Hutten I would really appreciate a response, and like it says in your e-mail $29 is really nothing compared to what discipline schools, therapy, boot camp, etc. can do. By the way I have tried boot camp and therapy (counseling) very very disappointed...the system well what can I say about is disappointing.


My Out-of-Control Teen

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