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He said it is like being in the HOLOCAUST...

Hi Mark:

It has been many weeks of high drama.

Bart was in juvenile here in Naples for three weeks until this past Tuesday.

He was transferred to Thompson Academy, a mod risk, non-secure Youth Services International Facility in Pembroke Pines, FL 110 miles from home on the East Coast near Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale.

Bart just called. He is only supposed to get to call on Wednesdays, but the other kids were watching a movie and he said he was sitting biting his nails and a guard told him to go make a phone call.

He said he is one of three white kids out of 136 total there. He said the place is very run down, tiles are missing and broken on the floors, water fountains don't work and there are blood and feces stains on the towels. He said there are fights all of the time. I could hear one going on in the background, you could hear that echo off the walls like you would expect to hear in a facility like that. He said it is like being in the HOLOCAUST and that they shaved his head. He wears a red jumpsuit. He asked me not to bring the grandmas over for visitation as it would be too upsetting for them.

He is blaming me and the input that I gave as to the craziness that has transpired over the last several months. He said many of his thug friends here have more and more serious charges than he does and they are not in a program.

Ashley was going to go with me on the first available date on the 29th, but she is not 18 and she cannot.

I truly feel SICK!

This whole thing is a nightmare.

Thanks for your support.



Hi D.,

I think you fell for more manipulation. I'm sure he exaggerated the circumstances there.

My program through probation is called SHOCAP (Serious Habitual Offender Community Action Program). Many of my juvenile clients are either in DOC (Department Of Corrections), on the way there, or they have recently returned from there.

I make regular visits to various DOCs in Indiana. While not ideal, they are - for the most part - safe. I haven't had even one client return home with a horror story. I doubt that Florida is that much different.

Your son will be fine. I'm glad he's there. This is the wake-up call he desperately needed.

When you play with fire, you eventually get burned. Better that he get a 1st degree burn now rather than a 3rd degree burn later.


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