He tries to make my son look bad and spreads false rumors about him...

I am living with a woman we moved in together and she has two boys my ex wife gave me my two boys and before we never had problems until my two arrived. Its the situation where now her kids never do their chores they constantly dis obey they lie to their mother but when I call her and tell her about their misdoings she says well your kids do to and its just a escape for her to punish her children, they get told to go to bed at a certain time and they are up til 2 in the morning and late for school and she caters to them but see mine dont have these problems they know i will punish and when she punishes her kids they are let off the next day and then back to causing us the same problems again and again but instead of her backing me up she gets mad at me and says just let it go. Everyone tells me her kids are doing this because of jealousy and my kids are now receiving some of her attention but she works from 11-9 everynight and just goes to her computer and doesn't even spend time with her kids.Its the same fighting for the last five years and everyone says its like that when two people move in with different children the mom gets protective. Its just amazing though how she lets her kids lie and we have proof of their lies and she wont do anything but when one or two of my boys do wrong she loudly verbally hands it to them. What is your opinion I try to be there for her and since shes not home she gets mad at me because I tell her everything her kids do and we end up fighting because she constantly makes excuses instead of punishing and it keeps coming back and we constantly fight. Her 16 year old boy goes to school and tries to make my son look bad and spreads false rumors about him.

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