He has shot beer bottles in his room with a BB gun...

He has thrown things around the house while in a rage. He has shot beer bottles in his room with a BB gun, which caused me to remove all of them. Now, to get back at me, he has stuck hammers, chisels and knives in the bedroom wall. I am going to expect him to do the repairs.

His plans are (at least for now) Marines ROTC. His grades are good. The last couple of weeks have been hell; but we had this problem start up a couple of years ago. We knew the problem people he was getting weed from so a good friend of ours home-schooled him until this January when he returned, albeit doing much better. We thought "yes..we have our son back!"

Then he got lonely since all but 1 or 2 of his old friends were the old drug crowd. I suspect he has resumed some weed but am not sure. I could do a CVS drug test tonight. He has spent all weekend with our pastor (young, about 21 years old) who he relates well with while my wife and my two girls are in NY at the in-laws. They will be returning tonight.

The marine recruiter invited him there to work out with the candidates weekly and in act daily to do various things. He cannot do paid-for work anywhere until he turns 16.That occurs April 29. Plus, being a CPA I have to work crazy hours. Its hard to thing that only several weeks ago he would not watch a new movie/DVD until I got home. He wanted to spend time with me. Then the party denial incident and I'm am the bad guy.

Oh well, sorry for going on so long but that's whats happening here in MA. From what I have read so far your book is right on the money, i.e. feeling lonely, us getting depressed and feeling like failures, looking at military schools as options (OMG are they expensive).

Just another work day for me but he is getting dropped off here around 12;30PM EST and we'll probably head home unless he wants to go out and eat somewhere with me. We'll see.

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