I feel like I need to be extra concerned...

Hello, I'm not sure I am having as much trouble as described on your web page but I feel like I need to be extra concerned about some my of sons behavior. He is 16 and has pretty much seemed to have felt like he needed a girlfriend in his life or he was empty. Since he was in kindergarten he has had girlfriends. All of them have been short term. As far as I know the most he has done is "made out" probably some "heavy petting". We have been homeschooling him since the 6th grade. He has a very active social life with ballroom dance and being with him friends. We are not as close as we were when he was younger but still we talk about everything. Sometimes more than this mother thinks she wants to hear. My question, does your e book talk about respect and relationships and moral issues? I need some outside (of family) reinforcements I suppose.

Have you guessed that he is my only child (I have three much older step children that my husband & I raised ) I had him late in life and he was a miracle pregnancy, I'm sensing Empty Nest Syndrome coming on... :(

My Out-of-Control Teen

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